Activewear or fitness clothing is no longer worn only during sports. In recent years, a new trend of wearing activewear has come into spotlight, where sports clothing is also worn as informal and fashion wear by today’s generation.

Being active is becoming the way of life, full of energy and spirit. It means going above and beyond, with strong mind, fearlessly leading the pack. Living active and alive is not just a state of mind BUT IS A STATE OF BEING FIT.

Active and Alive was found by two friends in 2016, believing in encouraging fitness enthusiasts to harness their inner personal strength and live an active life on their own terms. They had a firm belief that fitness is the right thing forward as a culture and race that they should pursue with a zeal never seen before.

We are driven to create high quality activewear that are functional, technical, fashionable with exceptional value. These are designed to endure most rigorous workouts, lift the barre in the studio and beat out steps in walking, running or Gymming. We are passionate about active life. We are “ ACTIVE AND ALIVE”

Our mission is to create highest quality active and sportswear empowering today’s human to be confident and motivates them to be the best. When you choose us you choose “YES TO FITNESS”

Our vision is to be most sought out active wear and sportswear company in India by creating enduring fitness clothing which becomes more valuable possession for fitness freak